How to Reboot LG Smart TV

How to reboot LG Smart TV

To reboot a LG Smart TV, follow these simple instructions. 1. Press the home button on your remote control to bring up the home screen. 2. Navigate to the settings menu by using the arrow buttons on your remote. 3. Once in the settings menu, use the arrow buttons to select “General,” and then press … Read more

How to detect a WiFi Jammer?

How to detect a Wifi Jammer

This article will cover different methods of detecting WiFi jammers and how you can stop one from jamming your signals.  What is a WiFi Jammer?  A WiFi jammer is a device that disrupts the normal operation of a wireless network by transmitting a strong signal at the same frequency as the WiFi network. This can … Read more

Picture in Picture Xfinity (FIX)

Picture in Picture Xfinity

Picture in Picture, also known as PiP, allows you to watch one channel while simultaneously watching another channel in a small window on your screen. It’s a great feature, but sometimes it can have some issues. We will cover some troubleshooting steps to fix problems you may see with PiP.  How to fix picture in … Read more

Linux Subsystem Guide

Linux Subsystem

The Linux kernel is the core of the Linux operating system, and it is responsible for managing the system’s resources and providing an interface for user programs to interact with the hardware. It comprises a small core that provides essential services and a set of subsystems that provide additional functionality.  These subsystems are organized into … Read more

Linux Netstat Ultimate Guide

Linux Netstat

What is netstat? The netstat command is a command-line utility that allows users to view detailed information about the network connections on their system. This includes information about active connections, the protocol being used, and the local and remote addresses and port numbers. In this guide, we will provide a detailed explanation of how to … Read more

How to Program Vizio Remote (EASY)

How to program VIZIO Remote

To program your Vizio remote, you will need to use the remote codes provided by Vizio. These codes can be found in the user manual for your specific model of Vizio TV, or you can search for them online. Easily Program Vizio Remote Follow the steps below to easily program your Vizio remote. 1. Locate … Read more