How to detect a WiFi Jammer?

This article will cover different methods of detecting WiFi jammers and how you can stop one from jamming your signals. 

What is a WiFi Jammer? 

A WiFi jammer is a device that disrupts the normal operation of a wireless network by transmitting a strong signal at the same frequency as the WiFi network. This can prevent legitimate devices from connecting to the network or cause existing connections to be unstable or slow.

How to detect a WiFi Jammer? 

To detect a WiFi jammer, you can attempt any of these methods. 

WiFi Scanning App

Use a WiFi scanner app or tool to scan the local wireless spectrum and identify any unauthorized devices on the network. A WiFi jammer will typically transmit on the same frequency as your network, so it should appear as a nearby device.

Physical Inspection 

Check the physical location of the wireless network for any suspicious devices or activities. A WiFi jammer can be small and portable, but it still needs to be within range of the network to cause interference. If you see anyone near the wireless access point with a device that could be a jammer, such as a high-powered antenna or a portable radio, this could be a cause for concern.

Review WAP Logs 

Check the logs of the wireless access point or router for any suspicious activity. Most wireless devices keep a log of connections, disconnections, and any errors or interference events. A sudden increase in disconnections, errors, or devices you don’t recognize could be a sign of a WiFi jammer.

Spectrum Analyzer 

Use a spectrum analyzer tool to identify the source of the interference more accurately. A spectrum analyzer is a specialized device that can scan the entire wireless spectrum and show you the frequency and signal strength of any nearby devices. This can help you confirm whether the interference is coming from a WiFi jammer and also help you pinpoint its location.

How to stop a WiFi Jammer? 

Once you have detected a WiFi jammer, multiple methods can be used to mitigate its effects.

Frequency Change 

Change the wireless network’s channel or frequency. A WiFi jammer typically operates on a single frequency, so changing the frequency of the network can help avoid interference.


Use a directional antenna to focus the wireless signal in a specific direction. This can help reduce the signal strength of the jammer, as it will only be able to interfere with the network if it is within the antenna’s beamwidth.

Signal Blocker

Use a signal-blocking device or Faraday cage to block the jammer’s signal. A signal-blocking device or Faraday cage is a physical barrier that can block or absorb wireless signals. This can help prevent the jammer’s signal from reaching the wireless network, protecting it from interference.

Use a WIPS 

Use a wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) to monitor and protect the network from interference. A WIPS is a specialized security system that can detect and prevent unauthorized access to the network and detect and block interference from WiFi jammers.

Contact Law Enforcement

Contact law enforcement if the WiFi jammer is causing significant disruption to the network. In some cases, WiFi jamming may be illegal, depending on the location and the severity of the interference. If you suspect that the jammer is causing significant harm to the network, it is important to report it to the authorities. They will be able to find the jammer and remove it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you detect a WiFi jammer?

Yes, it’s possible to detect a WiFi jammer. 

Can someone jam my WiFi signal?

Yes, someone can jam your WiFi signal. 

How far does a WiFi jammer go?

The range of a WiFi jammer will vary depending on several factors. The most common factors include the jammer type, the frequency it’s on, and the signal’s power. A jammer will typically cover a 30-meter diameter from the point of origin. 


In summary, detecting and mitigating a WiFi jammer can be challenging. Still, by following these steps and using the right tools, you can protect your wireless network from interference and ensure that it operates smoothly and securely.

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