Hulu App Not Working on Samsung TV 2023 (FIX)

Are you facing issues with your Hulu app on your Samsung TV? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got just the right information to help you out. In this article, we’re going to take you through a comprehensive guide on troubleshooting and fixing the Hulu app on your beloved Samsung TV. So, let’s dive right in and get that streaming experience back on track.

Common Reasons for Hulu App Not Working on Samsung TVs

Before we move on to the troubleshooting steps, it’s essential to understand some common reasons why the Hulu app might not be working on your Samsung TV.

Some of these reasons include, Poor internet connection, Outdated Hulu app or Samsung TV firmware, Incorrect settings on your Samsung TV, and Issues with your Hulu account.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Hulu App Issues on Samsung TVs

Let’s jump into some hands-on troubleshooting steps to get your Hulu app up and running again.

Checking Internet Connection

First things first – let’s ensure you have a stable internet connection. To do this, try streaming content from other apps on your Samsung TV or browsing the web on another device connected to the same network. If you’re still having issues, it might be worth resetting your modem/router or reaching out to your internet service provider.

Restarting the Samsung TV and Hulu App

Sometimes, a simple restart can solve a lot of problems. Power off your Samsung TV, unplug it from the wall, and give it a minute or two before plugging it back in and turning it on. Also, try closing and reopening the Hulu app to see if that fixes the issue.

Updating the Hulu App and Samsung TV Firmware

An outdated Hulu app or Samsung TV firmware might be causing the issues. To update your Hulu app, head over to the Samsung Smart Hub, select “Apps,” find Hulu, and check for updates. To update your TV’s firmware, go to “Settings,” then “Support,” and finally, “Software Update.” Make sure you’re connected to the internet during this process.

Clearing Cache and App Data

Corrupted cache or app data could be causing the Hulu app to malfunction. To clear cache and app data on your Samsung TV, navigate to “Settings,” “Apps,” and then “Hulu.” Select “Clear cache” and “Clear data” to reset the app. You might need to log in again after this step.

Reinstalling the Hulu App

If all else fails, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Hulu app. Go to “Apps” in the Smart Hub, find Hulu, and select “Uninstall.” After it’s removed, go back to the app store, search for Hulu, and reinstall it.

Device and App Compatibility

Supported Samsung TV Models for Hulu App

Keep in mind that not all Samsung TV models are compatible with the Hulu app. Hulu supports Samsung Smart TVs from 2016 or later. You can check the compatibility of your TV model on Hulu’s official website.

Hulu App Version Requirements

Hulu regularly updates its app for better performance and to introduce new features. Ensure that your Samsung TV is compatible with the latest Hulu app version, as older versions may not work correctly.

Samsung TV Settings That May Affect Hulu App Performance

Date and Time Settings

Incorrect date and time settings can cause issues with the Hulu app. To fix this, go to “Settings,” “General,” and then “Date and Time.” Ensure the “Auto” option is selected, or manually set the correct date and time.

Location and Language Settings

The Hulu app may malfunction if your Samsung TV’s location and language settings are incorrect. To check and update these settings, navigate to “Settings,” “General,” and then “System Manager.” From there, you can adjust the “Language” and “Location” settings according to your region.

Energy Saving Mode

Energy Saving Mode on your Samsung TV might interfere with the performance of the Hulu app. To disable this mode, go to “Settings,” “General,” “Eco Solution,” and turn off “Energy Saving Mode.”

Hulu Account-Related Issues

Account Status and Payment Verification

Ensure your Hulu account is active and your payment information is up to date. Log in to your Hulu account on a different device and check your account status and billing information.

Managing Devices and Authorized Users

Hulu has a limit on the number of devices that can stream simultaneously. Check the list of devices connected to your account and remove any unnecessary devices. Also, verify that no unauthorized users have access to your Hulu account.

Reporting the Issue to Hulu and Samsung Customer Support

If you’re still experiencing issues after trying all the troubleshooting steps, it’s time to contact Hulu or Samsung customer support. They can help diagnose the issue and provide specific solutions for your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch Hulu Live TV on my Samsung Smart TV?

Yes, Hulu Live TV is available on supported Samsung Smart TVs from 2016 or later

Why am I seeing buffering issues on Hulu?

Buffering issues can be caused by various factors, including a slow internet connection, outdated app or firmware, or issues with your Hulu account. Follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned above to resolve the problem.

Can I use a VPN with Hulu on my Samsung TV?

Hulu doesn’t officially support VPN usage, and using a VPN might lead to streaming issues or even account suspension.


We hope this guide has helped you resolve your Hulu app issues on your Samsung TV. Remember, sometimes it takes a little bit of tinkering to get things back on track. If you’re still experiencing problems, don’t hesitate to reach out to Hulu or Samsung customer support for further assistance. For more information, you can visit the official Hulu Help Center or Samsung Support website to find solutions to common issues and stay updated on the latest app versions and supported devices. Happy streaming!


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