Oculus Quest 2 Not Connecting to WiFi (Fix)

Your Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality device needs a WiFi connection to access games, download updates, and whatnot. You don’t need anyone to remind you how frustrating it is when the headset fails to connect to WiFi. So, let’s leave the pain and focus on fixing this problem.

Each method in this in-depth guide has been tested and proven to work. We recommend trying each one, as sometimes more than one solution is required to resolve this issue.

How to Fix Oculus Quest 2 Not Connecting to WiFi

Reboot Your Headset

This is the first DIY solution you should try because a restart can sometimes be all that’s needed to resolve any issues you face, whether WiFi related or not. Here’s how to restart your Oculus headset:

  • Press and hold the power button on the right side of the headset
  • Select Restart on the Power Off Screen

If that method does not work for you, use this other option:

  • Press and hold down the power button for 10 seconds
  • The device will automatically shut down
  • Wait for a few seconds and power it back on

All done? Your Oculus Quest 2 should now connect to WiFi without any issues. If not, keep reading and try the remaining solutions in this article.

Type the Correct Password

No matter how many times you try and curse your Oculus Quest 2 for not connecting to WiFi, you cannot gain access with an incorrect password. So, the first step is to ensure you are entering the correct password for your network.

Double-check those characters (./@-&) if they are included in the password. You may find that one missing character is the cause of your Oculus Quest 2 WiFi connectivity issues. Also, if someone else changed the WiFi password, ask them what it is and try entering that instead.

If the password was the issue, your headset should now connect to WiFi.

Avoid Public WiFi for the Initial Setup

You just acquired a brand new Oculus Quest 2, so you’re understandably excited to set up and start using it. Whatever you do, don’t connect to public WiFi.

Why? Public networks have a captive portal you must view and interact with before accessing a WiFi connection. Oculus Quest 2 is not built to work with this system on initial setup. Use a private network at home, or wait until you’re in a place with WiFi that doesn’t have a captive portal.

Note that you can use public networks with your Oculus headset once it’s set up, just not for the initial setup.

Restart Your WiFi Router

Let’s shift focus to your WiFi router. For all you know, it could be the source of your WiFi connection nightmare. A simple reboot of your WiFi router could fix Oculus Quest 2 not connecting to WiFi, so let’s try it.

  • First, unplug the power cord of your WiFi router for about 1-2 minutes
  • Plug it back in and wait for the lights to appear or for the router to power on

According to BroadBandNow, this fix works 99% of the time – assuming that the issue lies with the WiFi router in question and not Oculus Quest 2.

If you still have issues with the connection, the lights on the router can help you troubleshoot. An orange or amber light indicates a problem or limited connection, and a red light may signal no connection.

You may have to contact your internet service provider to fix these issues or switch to a different WiFi router.

Move the Router Closer to Your Headset

Sometimes your Oculus Quest 2 may not connect to WiFi because the signal needs to be stronger. Proximity is key, so you must move your Oculus Quest 2 closer to the router or WiFi source.

If that’s not an option that suits you, why not get a WiFi extender? A WiFi extender is a device that helps to amplify the signal from your router or WiFi source.

This device will help to boost the signal and give your Oculus Quest 2 a better chance of connecting to WiFi.

Change Your WiFi Connection

You may need to rely on a better connection for Oculus Quest 2. Try switching to a different network or WiFi connection and see if that makes any difference.

When you find one that works, pitch your tent!

How to Change WiFi Connection Using the Headset

  • Press the circular button on the Oculus right controller
  • Hover over the clock icon on the left side of the ensuing screen (universal menu)
  • Select Quick Settings to open the quick settings panel
  • Select WiFi and choose a new WiFi connection from the list
  • Enter the correct password and connect

How to Change WiFi Connection Using the App

  • Power on your headset and open the Oculus Quest 2 app
  • Tap devices in the bottom menu and select your Oculus headset
  • Select WiFi and choose a new WiFi connection from the list
  • Enter the correct password and tap Connect to WiFi

Factory Reset Your Headset

If nothing else works, consider doing a factory reset on your Oculus Quest 2. This reset will completely erase all the data from your Oculus headset and app, so make sure to back up all your important information beforehand.

Before a factory reset, contact support first, as they can walk you through some additional troubleshooting steps that could help fix Oculus Quest 2 not connecting to WiFi.

How to Factory Reset Oculus Quest 2 Using the App

  • Launch the Oculus Quest app on your device
  • Navigate through the bottom menu and select Devices
  • Select the headset connected to your phone
  • Tap Advanced Settings
  • Select Factory Reset
  • Tap Reset

Talk to Customer Support

If something else works, it may be time to reach out to Oculus customer support. They will do their best to assist you with whatever issue you’re having, including troubleshooting your WiFi connection.

To contact customer support, start by visiting their website. In addition to helpful articles and FAQs, you’ll also see options to chat, email, or request a callback from the company.


By following these tips, you can resolve the issue of Oculus Quest 2 not connecting to WiFi so that you can fully enjoy your virtual reality headset.

Whether it’s a quick reboot of your WiFi router or headset, changing your WiFi connection, or typing the correct password, these solutions will get you back in action in no time.

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