How to Fix Ring is offline but WiFi is working?

Can’t get connected to your Ring Doorbell? We have some pointers on how to fix the Ring Doorbell if it’s not working properly because of a bad Wi-Fi connection. Your device may be unable to access the internet for several reasons. Like an outage with your ISP or a natural disaster. Whatever the case, here are some suggestions on how you can fix it if ring is offline but Wi-Fi is working.

What causes Ring Doorbells to go offline?

Ring Doorbells may go offline for several reasons. (WiFi connectivity, Power Issues, Router Issues, Internet Service Provider Issues)

1. The device may have lost connection with your router.

2. You may have entered the wrong Wi-Fi password for the device.

3. An Internet Service Provider (ISP) may be experiencing connectivity issues,

4. There maybe frequency interference if your in a area with several Wi-Fi signals on the same frequency.

5. The device may be experiencing a hardware or software issue that requires attention from Ring Support

How to fix Ring is offline but Wi-Fi is working?

Typically, if your Wi-Fi is working there is some type of power or physical issue causing the Ring not to connect.

1. Use the Ring app to check the device health. If it’s offline check to make sure other devices can connect to your Wi-Fi.

2. Verify that the Ring is powered on. If not try resetting the power to the device and checking the wiring.

3. Attempt putting the Ring in setup mode by pressing the button that is on the side. Wait and see if the Ring connects.

4. Use a Wi-Fi scanner app to analyze your Ring’s local radio frequency. If there are too many devices, consider removing or changing the Ring to a less congested frequency.

5. Attempt changing the Ring battery.

If all attempts at troubleshooting has failed, it’s possible that there was a power surge that caused a circuit to short. We recommend contacting Ring support to see if your device is under warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my Ring back online?

There are a variety of way to get your Ring back online, depending on what caused it to go offline Try the following troubleshooting steps.

1. Verify that your Ring Doorbell has power to it.

2. Check the Ring app and check the health status.

3. Try putting the Ring in setup mode by clicking the side button.

Why isn’t my Wi-FI connecting to my Ring?

If your Wi-Fi is not connecting to your Ring there is a connection or configuration issue.

What happens to Ring if Wi-Fi is not working?

If your Wi-Fi is not functioning, this can cause your Ring devices to become unresponsive and stop working properly. However, in such cases, you can still access a live feed using your cellular connection.

Why can’t I get my Ring Doorbell back online?

If you can’t get your Ring back online mostly likely there is a hardware or configuration issue.

Does Ring still record without WiFi?

Yes, a Ring can still record without Wi-Fi. Once activated the video doorbells will record without WiFi, but you cannot view it online or on your phone.


Ring Doorbells are one of the most popular smart home devices. They look great and work well, but sometimes they can be offline for reasons you might not know.

If your Ring device is offline, there are a number of potential reasons; including the device itself, your internet provider or a power issue. If none of the steps in this article worked for you, we recommend contacting Ring support.

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