TCL TV Won’t Turn On (FIX in 2023!)

One of the most common issues TCL TV users face is when the TV won’t turn on. This problem can be caused by various factors, including a faulty power supply, faulty cables, incorrect settings, or just plain old age.

Fortunately, this issue is relatively easy to fix. Here are some DIY tips to get your TCL TV up and running again.

How to fix TCL TV not turning on?

Check the Power Cables

The power cable is the most common cause of a TCL TV not turning on. Check that the power cable is correctly plugged into the wall outlet and the back of the TV. Also, check that the wires are firmly in place and have no loose connections. If everything looks okay, unplug the power cable and plug it back in.

You should also check the surge protector or power strip if you’re using one. Ensure that it is working correctly and all the connections are secure. If they are, connect the TV directly to the wall outlet and see if it turns on. If this doesn’t work, no worries; move on to the next step.

Check and Replace Remote Control Batteries

The remote control is a common culprit for TCL TV not turning on. Check that the batteries in the remote control are fresh and working properly. If they’re not, replace them and try turning on the TV again.

You should only use the appropriate type and size of batteries in the remote control. Using any other kind of battery can damage or cause it to malfunction. Also, don’t use a universal remote with your TCL TV, as they may not be compatible. If the original remote doesn’t work, purchase a replacement from the manufacturer.

Power Cycle the TV

Power cycling a TV is the process of removing all residual power from the device capacitor. It involves turning off the power, unplugging the TV, waiting for a few minutes, and plugging it back in. It can fix minor software issues that may be causing the TV not to turn on.

To power cycle your TCL TV, press the Power button for two minutes to turn off the TV and reset it. Wait for a few seconds, then plug the power cable back in and turn on the TV. This method should fix most minor issues causing the TV not to turn on.

If the TV doesn’t turn on, you may need to contact the manufacturer and send it in for repair. Or continue to the next possible fix. Reset.

Reset the TV

Resetting your TCL TV will restore it to its factory settings. This action will erase any changes you have made and reset all the settings back to default. It may also fix software issues preventing the TV from turning on.

Before resetting, check the status lights at the bottom of your TV. If the lights blink when you press the Power button, but the TV doesn’t turn on, follow these steps to reset:

  • Connect your TV to your power source and press the Power button.
  • Find the small hole (reset button) above the USB and HDMI ports at the back of your TV.
  • Firmly press the button with a paper clip or similar object for around 30 seconds, then let go.
  • Turn on your TV and check if it’s working correctly.

Follow the steps again if the TV still doesn’t turn on. If you’re still having issues, try the next fix.

Choose the Right Input Source

If you’ve connected your TV to a device such as a cable box, DVD player, or gaming console, ensure the input source is set correctly. A wrong input source can prevent the TV from displaying anything.

Have you connected a streaming device, gaming console, or another device? Check that the input source on the TV matches the connected device. Here’s how to do it:

With a remote:

  • Turn on the TV
  • Press the Input button on your TV remote to access the Input Source menu
  • Select the correct source from the list of options

Without a remote:

  • Turn on the TV
  • Tap the Menu button on the TV (it’s at the side or bottom edge of the TV)
  • Navigate to the correct input source with the TV volume buttons
  • Select the corresponding input source by pressing the Menu button

Inspect Your TV Cables and Ports

Frayed cables can make the TV not turn on. Inspect all wires connected to your TCL TV and ensure they’re in good condition. If any of the wires are damaged, replace them with new ones.

While you may be able to spot external damage, internal damage to the cables may not be visible. If unsure, take the wires to an electronics store for inspection before buying new ones.

As you check the cables, look at the TV ports too. Make sure the ports are clear, clean, and intact. Over time, dust and dirt can accumulate in the ports, which may cause connection issues. The best fix is to blow out the ports with compressed air or use a cotton swab to clean them gently.

Get Professional Help

If your TCL TV does not turn on after trying all the troubleshooting steps, seek professional repair services. Some options to consider:

TCL Customer Support

TCL offers customer support service and is well-equipped to diagnose and repair your TV. Contact TCL customer support for help. Reach out to them via phone, email, or chat, and they can advise you on the next steps.

Independent Repair Services

Many independent repair services offer in-home TV repair services. They’re experienced in dealing with most common TCL TV issues and may be able to diagnose and fix the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where is the TCL TV reset button? 

The TCL TV reset button is located on the back of the TV, near the power cord. It is a small, circular button labeled “Reset.”

Where is the reset button on TCL TV without remote? 

If you don’t have the remote, you can still reset your TCL TV by pressing the “Reset” button on the back of the TV. You can use a paperclip or a similar tool to press the button.

Why is my TCL TV not responding? 

There could be several reasons why your TCL TV is not responding. The most common reasons are a faulty power supply, a malfunctioning remote control, or a software glitch.

How do I reset my TCL TV when it doesn’t turn on? 

To reset your TCL TV when it doesn’t turn on, unplug it from the power source and wait for about a minute. Then, plug it back in and try turning it on again. If that doesn’t work, press the “Reset” button on the back of the TV. If the issue persists, contact TCL customer support for additional troubleshooting steps.


A TV that doesn’t turn on can be very frustrating, but with some troubleshooting and patience, you can get it working again. Apply the DIY solution in this guide and see if they work. If the TV still doesn’t turn on, contact TCL customer support or seek professional repair services.

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