Vizio Smart TV Turning On By Itself (Why & How to Fix It)

One of the most common issues reported by Vizio TV owners is that their TVs will randomly turn on by themselves. This issue can be particularly frustrating since you may only be aware that your TV has turned on once you hear the sound coming from it or you notice that the light on the front is switched on.

Fortunately, you can do a few things to help fix this issue. This article will show you all the solutions to stop your Vizio Smart TV from turning on itself.

Reasons Why Vizio Smart TV Turns On By Itself

Before we get into the solutions, let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons why your Vizio Smart TV might be turning on by itself.

Malfunctioning Sensor

Over time, dust and debris can build up in your Vizio Smart TV sensors, and this can cause them to malfunction and cause your TV to turn on randomly.

Outdated Software Update

If you have not updated your Vizio Smart TV software in a while, the software may be outdated and causing the issue.

Bad Remote Control Battery

The batteries in your remote control could be weak or bad, causing your TV to turn on randomly.

Software Glitch

Sometimes, a software glitch can be the culprit behind why your Vizio Smart TV’s turning on by itself. This could include bugs or other issues that need to be resolved.

How to Fix Vizio Smart TV Turning On By Itself

Now that we’ve discussed the possible reasons why your Vizio Smart TV might be turning on by itself let’s look at some solutions to help fix the problem.

Clean the Sensors

The first thing you should do is clean the sensors on your Vizio Smart TV. This can be done by using compressed air to blow out any dust or debris that may be built up in the sensors.

Update Your Firmware

If you last updated the firmware on your Vizio Smart TV a while ago, this could be causing the issue. You should update your TV’s software as soon as possible to ensure that it is up to date and that any bugs or glitches have been resolved.

Check the Remote Control

If you suspect that your remote control’s battery may be weak or bad, replace it with a new one. You should also check the settings on your remote to make sure they are set correctly so that it is not randomly turning on your TV.

Reset Your Vizio Smart TV

If none of the above solutions have helped, then you should try resetting your Vizio Smart TV to its factory settings. This will wipe out any glitches causing the issue and allow you to start fresh with a clean slate.

Disable CEC Function

You can disable the CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) function on your Vizio Smart TV if all else fails. This feature allows certain functions to be controlled by other devices connected to it, such as a cable box or Blu-ray player. Disabling this feature should stop your TV from randomly turning on.

How to factory reset Vizio Smart TV?

Another way to fix your Vizio Smart TV when it turns on by itself is to factory reset it.

1. Press and hold the “Menu” button for 5-10 seconds

2. Select “System” from the menu that appears

3. Select “Factory Reset.”

4. Follow the on-screen instructions and confirm that you want to reset your TV

5. Once the reset is complete, your Vizio Smart TV should no longer turn on by itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes your TV to turn on by itself?

There can be several reasons your TV might turn on itself. Some of the most common causes are a malfunctioning sensor, an outdated software update, a bad remote control battery, or a software glitch. It is important to take the time to troubleshoot the issue and try different solutions until you find one that works for you.

Is there a reset button on VIZIO TVs?

Yes, a reset button on VIZIO TVs can typically be found on the back of your TV or along one of the sides. If you are still looking for it, consult your user manual for more information.

How do you reboot Vizio smart TV?

To reboot your Vizio Smart TV, press and hold the “Menu” button for 5-10 seconds. This will bring up a menu that you can select from. From here, choose “System” followed by “Factory Reset” and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reset process. Once the reset is complete, your TV should no longer turn on by itself.

What are the common problems with Vizio TVs?

Common problems with Vizio TVs include picture or sound issues, difficulty powering on the TV, software glitches, and a random turning on of the TV. If you experience any of these issues, you should troubleshoot them to determine the cause and find a solution that works for you.

How to connect to Vizio TV?

Connecting a Vizio Smart TV is easy and can be done in just a few simple steps:

  1. You need to plug the power cord for your TV into an outlet or surge protector.
  2. Connect your TV to the internet by using either an Ethernet cable or a Wi-Fi connection.
  3. You will need to select the appropriate input source on your TV to begin watching.


In this article, we covered why a Vizio Smart TV might be randomly turning on by itself and what you can do to fix it. If you are experiencing this issue, remember to clean the sensors on your TV, update the firmware, check the remote control battery and settings, or reset the TV to its factory settings.


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