Xfinity This Channel is Temporarily Unavailable (Fix)

The Comcast Xfinity cable box is a device that connects to your TV and home internet and allows you to access Xfinity TV service on your television. It uses the internet to stream live and on-demand TV shows, movies, and other content.

Despite its capabilities, this device may come up short if there’s a problem with the wiring, the device, or the TV. You may see the error message “this channel is temporarily unavailable,” but don’t fret because it is fixable.

Use this guide to get your channels back up on your TV screen.

How to Fix Xfinity This Channel is Temporarily Unavailable

There are two things you can quickly try to resolve the error message “This Channel is Temporarily Unavailable”:

  • Try reconnecting all the cables from scratch
  • Replace your cable remote’s batteries

If none of these work, try the fixes below. Apply the steps listed in the order they appear. It will help you narrow down the problem.

1. Check and Fix Cable Connections

When experiencing issues with channels on your Comcast cable box, the first place to check is the cables. If they are not correctly set up, you won’t have a connection to view any channel.

Follow these steps to check and confirm your cable connections:

  • Ensure all the cables plug correctly into the various inlets and outlets.
  • Check each wire for damage and replace any frayed wires.
  • Test the cables on another device. If they work on that device, the wiring is not the problem. But you may have to replace the cables if they don’t work.

Are the cables in good condition and working well? Try other solutions below.

2. Match the Input Setting With the Connected Device

The input setting and connection are crucial to channel reception. If your TV is set to receive content through a particular input, you have to ensure that the device or cable is connected to your TV.

How to troubleshoot the problem using the cable box’s remote:

  • Press the “input” button on the remote.
  • Select between “HDMI,” “Component video,” or “USB.”
  • Connect the selected device or cable to your TV.

Since HDMI is the most commonly found port in all TVs, select this option and ensure the cable is plugged into the appropriate HDMI port on your TV. But if you’re using a USB, select USB as the input source and connect a USB device to your TV.

If the wrong input source caused the problem, it should be resolved now.

3. Refresh Your Comcast Cable Box

If redoing the cable connections and fixing the input does not resolve the issue, the next step is to refresh your Comcast cable box.

Refreshing your Comcast cable box resets your Comcast signal and may address any issues causing the unavailability of channels.

To refresh your Comcast cable box using your remote control:

  • Press the “A” button on your remote control
  • You will see a few options. Select “System Refresh”
  • Click on “Refresh” when it pops up again to complete the system refresh

The system refresh will take some time to complete. Please be patient. After the process ends, your Comcast channels should be available.

4. Power Cycle Your Comcast Cable Box

Power cycling is a time-tested and effective way of solving most power problems. It can help to resolve any power issues with your Comcast cable box.

Power cycling your Comcast cable box is a very straightforward process. Simply:

  • Switch off your cable box
  • Ensure you cut off the cable box from receiving power by removing the power cable from the wall outlet
  • Wait for 3 – 5 minutes
  • Reconnect the power cable to the power source

Repeat the process if your initial attempt to power cycle your Comcast cable box is unsuccessful.

5. Update Your TV’s Operating System

An outdated TV software can be the culprit behind your Comcast channel not working. Check if there’s an update for your TV, and do the needful if you find one.

How to update your TV’s software depends on the device’s model, so you might have to search online for how to update the software for your TV model. You can also visit the manufacturer’s website or refer to the TV manual for a step-by-step guide.

When you’re ready, locate the update tab in the settings menu of your device, scan for available updates, and install them. Once the update is complete, power cycle your Comcast cable box again (repeat step 4).

6. Check Your Outer Wiring

One last thing you can do to resolve the issue is to check the outer wiring of your Comcast cable box.

If you are not a technician, contact one. They will test the wiring with the proper tools and fix any problems. Getting a Comcast employee is an excellent option because you’ll be charged less for the service and most likely get the issue fixed.

Note: If one or more of the outer wiring is causing the problem, your TV streaming may be interrupted for about 24 hours until they fix the issue.

Additional Troubleshooting Tips

At this point, your Comcast channel should be up and running. If steps 1 – 5 do not resolve the issue, get a technician to implement step 6.

Some other things you can do to troubleshoot the problem include:

  • Contact your service provider via their official website or social media accounts to check for outages. If there is one, wait until it is resolved.
  • Ensure you plug the cable into a direct power outlet, not a power strip or divider, to avoid electrical interference.
  • Reset your Comcast cable box’s remote.
  • If you do not have devices to test your cables, as highlighted in step 1, contact an electrical supplier to help you out.


The solutions in this guide should help you resolve the error message so you can watch your favorite channels again.

If nothing works, contact Comcast customer support for further assistance. They will give you more information about the current status of the channel and provide additional solutions to troubleshoot any issues you are experiencing.

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