Does Target Sell Stamps? (2023)

When it comes to shopping, Target is often one of the go-to stores for a wide variety of items, from clothing to electronics, and even groceries in some locations. But when you have a letter or package to send, you might wonder: does Target sell stamps? Let’s dive into this question and provide a definitive answer.

The Short Answer:

Yes, Target does sell postage stamps.

Where to Find Stamps in Target:

Typically, if you’re looking to buy stamps at Target, you would head over to the checkout lanes or the customer service desk. They might not be prominently displayed like some of the other items in the store, so if you don’t see them, don’t hesitate to ask a cashier or store representative for assistance.

How are the Stamps Sold?

Stamps at Target are generally sold in booklets. A booklet typically contains 20 stamps, but this may vary. It’s worth noting that when you buy stamps from Target, you’ll be paying the standard rate set by the postal service. There usually isn’t a markup, which means you won’t be paying more than if you were buying them directly from the post office.

Why Buy Stamps from Target?

  1. Convenience: If you’re already shopping at Target for other items, it saves you a trip to the post office.
  2. Extended Hours: Many Target stores have longer operational hours than the typical post office, making it more convenient for those with varied schedules.
  3. Availability: Unlike some smaller stores or locations with limited stock, Target, being a major retailer, generally has a consistent stock of stamps.

Other Things to Note:

  • While most Target stores do sell stamps, there could be exceptions based on location or stock availability. Always good to call ahead and confirm if you’re making a trip exclusively for stamps.
  • Besides stamps, Target might also offer other mailing supplies such as envelopes, bubble wrap, and packaging materials. So, it can be a one-stop-shop for your mailing needs.
  • Prices for stamps are set by the U.S. Postal Service, so they should remain consistent whether you’re purchasing them from Target, another retailer, or the post office.


In conclusion, if you find yourself needing stamps and you’re planning a trip to Target or you’re already there, you’re in luck. Target does indeed sell postage stamps, making your shopping trip even more productive. It’s just another way this retail giant helps cater to the diverse needs of its customers.

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