Who Can Install Ring Doorbell? (2023)

Ring Doorbell, a popular smart home device that allows homeowners to monitor their front doors using video surveillance and remote access, has changed the landscape of home security. But who can install this device? Let’s delve into the various possibilities.

DIY Enthusiasts

Most homeowners with basic DIY skills can install the Ring Doorbell themselves. The installation process is straightforward, with Ring providing clear step-by-step instructions and even an installation video guide on their website. Here’s a simplified overview of the DIY process:

  • Charge the device.
  • Mark and drill holes.
  • Screw in the mounting bracket.
  • Attach the Ring Doorbell to the bracket.
  • Set up the device through the Ring app.

Professional Electricians

If your Ring Doorbell is the wired version, it may be preferable to hire a professional electrician, especially if you’re not comfortable with electrical work. An electrician can ensure that the wiring is correct, safe, and meets local building codes.

Home Security Professionals

Several companies specializing in home security solutions offer Ring Doorbell as part of their service. When you buy the device from them, they usually offer professional installation services. This can be a great option for those who want a comprehensive home security system along with the Ring Doorbell.

Handymen or General Contractors

A general handyman or contractor can typically handle Ring Doorbell installations. They have a broad skill set that encompasses various home improvement tasks, including installing doorbells. If you’re planning other home upgrades, hiring a handyman might be cost-effective, as you can bundle services together.

Friends or Neighbors

If you know someone familiar with Ring Doorbell or who has basic DIY skills, they might be willing to assist with the installation. However, it’s essential to ensure that they feel comfortable with the process and that you trust their expertise.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Installer

  • Experience: If you’re hiring a professional, look for someone with experience installing smart home devices or specifically Ring Doorbells.
  • Cost: While hiring a professional may add to the overall cost, the peace of mind from a correctly installed device can be worth it.
  • Warranty: Some installers offer a warranty on their work, which can be a boon if any issues arise later.
  • Local Regulations: Check if your local regulations or homeowner’s association (HOA) rules have specific requirements about who can install electrical devices in homes.

In conclusion, several individuals or professionals can install the Ring Doorbell, ranging from homeowners themselves to electricians and home security experts. Whichever route you choose, ensure that the installation process is thorough, safe, and in accordance with any local guidelines or regulations.

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