BeReal App Not Working (FIX)

There’s an app for everything nowadays, but when you discover one like BeReal that offers a different approach to social media, it’s a win.

BeReal is an app that allows you to post unfiltered, perfection-free in-the-moment photos of yourself at random times. You get a notification, and it’s go-time! Take a photo in two minutes and share your BeReal with friends.

It’s an exciting app, and most people love using it, but sometimes it may malfunction. All that excitement can turn to frustration in a moment if you’re trying to post a photo and the app is acting up.

This guide will walk you through some troubleshooting tips to help you get BeReal back up and running.

How to Fix BeReal App

Check Your Internet Connection

You can only use the BeReal app with an active internet connection. Poor network reception can also interfere with the app’s functioning, so ensure that your phone is connected to a strong WiFi signal or has a good cellular connection.

If you’re using public WiFi, try switching networks or rebooting your router. Better yet, stay close to the router. The farther you are from the router, the weaker your connection will be, and the more likely you’ll have issues using BeReal.

Clear the App Cache

Apps store data locally on your phone to speed up performance. This cache can sometimes become corrupted, causing issues with the app, like slow loading times or a failure to post photos.

The fix is relatively simple – uninstall and reinstall the app (iPhone) or clear the cached data (Android). This process will remove corrupt data and give the app a fresh start.

How to Clear Your BeReal App Cache (Android)

  • Go to the settings app on your Android device
  • Select All Apps
  • Find the BeReal app and select Storage.
  • Tap Clear Cache.

How to Clear the BeReal App Cache (iOS)

Follow the instructions above to clear the BeReal Cache data on your iOS device.

If you can’t find the prompt to clear the data cache, uninstall and reinstall the app. The app’s cache will automatically go away.

Sign in/out of the App

The problem may be related to your login information. Check that you are using the correct username and password, or try signing out and then signing back in to see if that resolves the problem.

How to Log out of Your BeReal Account

  • In the top right corner of the app, tap the Account icon.
  • A three-dot menu will appear.
  • Select the Logout prompt at the bottom of the page.
  • Confirm the selection, and the app will log you out.

Log back into your account when prompted to see if the app functions optimally.

Restart Your Phone

Restarting your phone should address anything preventing your BeReal app from functioning well. This action can also resolve temporary glitches in the app.

To restart your Android device, press the power button and tap Restart.

For iOS devices, press and hold down the power button. A power-off prompt will appear; Drag the slider to the right. After shutting it down, press the power button again to turn it on.

Uninstall and Reinstall the App

This method will fix any installation problems and handle glitches or corrupt data. Also, a fresh install should be an updated app version with bug fixes that may resolve the problem.

How to Uninstall and Reinstall the BeReal App (Android)

  • Tap the Apps button in Settings.
  • Choose the BeReal App.
  • Click Uninstall.
  • Visit Play Store to install the app.
  • Look up “BeReal.”
  • Press Install, and hold off until the installation is finished.

Alternatively, you can press and hold down the application icon on your Home or Menu screen and tap the uninstall button.

How to Uninstall and Reinstall the BeReal App (iOS)

  • Locate the app on your Home Screen.
  • Press and hold down the application.
  • You will be prompted to uninstall the app in a small menu that appears. Click “Remove App.”
  • You’ll be prompted again to decide whether to delete the app. Choose “Delete App.”
  • Redownload the app from the App Store to reinstall.

Contact Support

Finally, if none of these steps resolve your issues with BeReal, you can contact their customer support team for further help. They will help you resolve issues with your account or the app itself.

Explain your problem with BeReal, and include any error messages you’ve received. You may be required to provide screenshots or other information to help the support team understand your issue. Finally, include your contact information so they can reach you if necessary.

You can reach the support staff via email at

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my BeReal app crashing?

There could be several reasons why your BeReal app is crashing. Some possible causes may include corrupted data, compatibility issues with your device, viruses, insufficient storage space, or other problems with the app itself.

Investigate and troubleshoot these issues as best you can. If necessary, try reinstalling the app to resolve bugs or glitches, or contact support for further assistance.

Can you post on BeReal more than once a day?

Be Real allows you to post a BeReal once daily within two minutes. This photo is a unique post meant to capture the moment whenever the app decides. But you can only do this if you can access your account or the app is working correctly.

Try the DIY troubleshooting guide above and get back to posting on BeReal as soon as you can!


It can be frustrating if your BeReal app is not functioning, but not for long. Use the troubleshooting tips above to help resolve any issues and get back to posting on BeReal. And if you need further assistance, contact their customer support team for help.

Additionally, you can follow BeReal on Twitter. They frequently post app updates or general app-related problems. You might find a fix there if there’s a problem with the app in general.

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