EERO Keeps Randomly Disconnecting – FIX (2023)

Understanding the Eero Network: A Brief Overview

Imagine a world where your Wi-Fi signal is as reliable as your morning cup of coffee. That’s the promise of the Eero network. Eero is a mesh Wi-Fi system designed to blanket your home in reliable, high-speed internet. It’s a game-changer for homes with Wi-Fi dead zones or for those who simply want to enjoy seamless streaming or gaming. But, like any tech, it’s not without its quirks.

Why Your Eero Keeps Disconnecting?

One question I get asked quite frequently is, “Why does my Eero keep disconnecting?” Now, I’m going to break it down for you. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer here because there can be a variety of issues at play. From Wi-Fi interference to firmware problems, the potential culprits are vast. You could be dealing with anything from a single problematic device to your next-door neighbor’s new, super-powerful router causing interference. Let’s get to the bottom of this.

The Impact of Wi-Fi Interference on Eero Connectivity

You see, the radio waves your Eero uses to communicate with your devices aren’t unique. They’re the same waves your microwave, cordless phones, baby monitors, and even Bluetooth devices use. This can be a big issue. Wi-Fi interference can lead to slower speeds, dropped connections, and random disconnections – it’s a chaotic mess.

What’s more, other routers in your neighborhood can interfere with your Wi-Fi, too. If your neighbors are using the same Wi-Fi channel as you, your signals can end up competing, causing your Eero to lose connection. It’s like trying to have a conversation in a room full of people all talking at the same time.

How to Troubleshoot Eero’s Random Disconnections

To tackle this issue, you need to start troubleshooting. First off, check if all your devices are experiencing this problem or just a specific one. If it’s only one device, you may want to look at that device’s settings or consider replacing it. If multiple devices are dropping out, the problem likely lies with your Eero or the environment it’s in.

Eero has an excellent troubleshooting feature built into the mobile app. Use it. The app can tell you if there are issues with your internet service provider (ISP), hardware problems, or if there’s simply too much Wi-Fi congestion. The Eero app can also recommend changes to your network settings that might help.

The Role of Firmware Updates in Eero’s Connectivity Issues

Firmware, that base-level software that controls your Eero’s hardware, can also play a significant role in your Eero’s connectivity. Just like any other software, it can have bugs and issues that cause problems. The good news is that Eero regularly releases firmware updates that fix these issues.

If your Eero is disconnecting, it could be a problem with outdated firmware. Check to see if there are any available updates, and make sure your Eero is set to update automatically. This will ensure you always have the latest features and bug fixes.

Optimizing Your Eero Network for Stable Connections

Now, let’s talk about network optimization. You can’t control the Wi-Fi congestion in your neighborhood, but you can optimize your Eero network for the best possible performance. Here’s how.

First, spread your Eero units throughout your home to create a strong mesh network. They work best when they’re about 40 feet apart with as few physical obstacles as possible.

Next, ensure your main Eero unit (the one connected to your modem) is in an open space. Don’t hide it in a closet or behind a bunch of other electronics. The better its ‘line of sight’ to your devices, the stronger your connection will be.

Lastly, consider the devices on your network. Older devices that don’t support newer Wi-Fi standards can slow down your entire network. You might want to upgrade or disconnect these devices if they’re causing issues.

Essential Tips to Prevent Your Eero from Randomly Disconnecting

Remember, regular maintenance is key. Keep your Eero units clean, away from heat sources, and ensure they have good airflow. Keep checking for firmware updates and reboot your Eero units every once in a while to keep them running smoothly.

Lastly, if all else fails, reach out to Eero’s customer service. They’re pretty good about helping out, and they may be able to identify and solve issues you didn’t even know existed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Eero keep disconnecting?

Your Eero may disconnect due to distance and obstructions, overloading, ISP issues, Wi-Fi interference, or outdated firmware.

How can I prevent my Eero from disconnecting?

To prevent disconnections, keep your Eero updated, minimize Wi-Fi interference, ensure it’s not overloaded, and consider using Ethernet backhaul.

What is Ethernet backhaul?

Ethernet backhaul involves connecting your Eero units directly to each other using Ethernet cables for better performance.


Eero is a fantastic tool for enjoying reliable, high-speed internet throughout your home. By understanding and addressing the common issues that can cause disconnections, you can optimize your Eero network for stable, seamless connectivity.

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