How to Cancel Cox Internet?

We’ve all been there, right? You sign up for an internet service, and for a while, everything seems to be going great. But then, something changes. Maybe the service isn’t as reliable as it used to be, or perhaps your needs have simply evolved. Whatever the case, you find yourself contemplating a move that you never thought you’d have to make: cancelling your internet service. Today, we’re going to talk about one such service, Cox Internet, and guide you through the process of cancelling it. Buckle up, folks, because this might be a bumpy ride.

Why Might You Need to Cancel Cox Internet?

Sometimes, a relationship with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) just doesn’t work out. You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, as the song goes. So, why might you be looking to cancel Cox Internet?

1. Price: One of the biggest reasons for cutting ties with any ISP is the price. Cox, like many ISPs, has promotional rates that increase after a period of time. If your bill has spiked, you might be considering a switch.

2. Speed and Reliability: If you’re constantly staring at a buffering symbol or dealing with dropouts, it’s enough to make anyone think about a change.

3. Customer Service: Poor customer service can leave a sour taste in anyone’s mouth. If you’re not feeling the love from Cox, it could be time to part ways.

4. Moving: If you’re moving to an area where Cox isn’t available, cancellation is inevitable.

How to Cancel Cox Internet Service?

Pulling the plug on your Cox internet service isn’t as simple as pressing a button. They’re not going to let you go without a fight! But no worries – here’s how to navigate the cancellation process.

Step 1: Be Prepared: Have all your account details handy. This includes your account number, login information, and your reasons for canceling.

Step 2: Contact Customer Service: You can’t cancel Cox internet service online, unfortunately. You’ll have to call their customer service at 1-800-234-3993.

Step 3: Stay Firm: The representative will likely try to persuade you to stay, offering better deals or upgrades. Stay firm and stick to your decision.

Step 4: Return Equipment: After your cancellation request, Cox will likely require you to return any rented equipment. Be sure to do this promptly to avoid any additional charges.

What to Expect When You Cancel Cox Internet

Canceling Cox Internet isn’t like ghosting a bad date. There are a few things you should expect when you say goodbye:

1. Early Termination Fees: Cox, like many ISPs, has a contract term. If you cancel before this term is up, you might have to pay an early termination fee (ETF). Make sure you’re aware of this before you cancel.

2. Final Bill: After canceling, you’ll receive a final bill which includes any outstanding balance and possibly the ETF. Make sure to pay this on time to avoid any issues.

3. Equipment Return: If you’re renting any equipment from Cox, like a router or modem, you’ll need to return it. Failure to do so might result in additional charges.

COX Internet Alternates

So, you’ve kicked Cox to the curb, now what? It’s time to explore your options! Here are a few alternatives to consider:

1. AT&T: AT&T provides Internet services in many areas where Cox operates. They offer a range of plans with different speed options, and they have a pretty solid reputation for reliability.

2. Spectrum: Spectrum offers internet, TV, and phone services and could be a good option if you’re looking for a bundled package. Their no-contract promise is also appealing if you don’t want to be tied down.

3. Verizon Fios: If fiber internet is available in your area, Verizon Fios might be a good fit. They have super-fast speeds, perfect for heavy usage, gaming, or streaming.

4. Local ISPs: Don’t forget about your local ISPs! Sometimes, smaller companies can provide great service with a personal touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel Cox Internet online?

No, Cox Internet currently does not offer an online cancellation option. You need to call their customer service to cancel.

Are there any penalties for cancelling Cox Internet?

Yes, if you’re in a contract with Cox Internet, you might have to pay an early termination fee for cancelling before the contract ends.

Can I keep my email address after cancelling Cox Internet?

Yes, you can keep your Cox email address for a certain period after cancellation, but it’s best to move to a non-provider-specific email to avoid future issues.


Cancelling Cox Internet is a decision that should be based on your specific needs and circumstances. Consider all factors, including alternative options, potential challenges, and the impact on bundled services, before making your decision. Remember, it’s all about finding the service that works best for you.

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