What Scary things can we ask Alexa? (2023)

You’ve probably asked her for a weather update, maybe to play your favorite song, or even to tell a joke. But have you ever stopped to think about some of the more… let’s say, eerie queries you could make? Now, I’m not talking about ghost stories. I’m talking about the technical intricacies and consequences that come with living in a digitally connected age.

Alexa, Amazon’s trusty voice assistant, has quickly integrated herself into countless homes, proving to be an indispensable tool for many. From playing music to answering questions about the universe, she has made our lives more convenient. But as Halloween approaches, some adventurous souls are keen on exploring a spookier side of this voice assistant. What if Alexa could give you a fright or two? Here’s a list of eerie things you can dare to ask Alexa.

10 Scary Things To Ask Alexa

1. “Alexa, play scary sounds.”

Starting simple, you can set the mood with some bone-chilling noises. Whether it’s creaking doors, ghostly whispers, or distant howls, asking Alexa to provide the backdrop can be the perfect way to create a haunted house ambiance.

2. “Alexa, tell me a ghost story.”

Who needs to gather around a campfire when Alexa can regale you with tales of phantom apparitions and creepy occurrences? Don’t be surprised if you start glancing over your shoulder more than once.

3. “Alexa, can you see me?”

It’s one thing to think of Alexa as an audio device, but the very idea that it might see or be more aware of your surroundings than you expect can be spine-chilling. Even though Alexa can’t really see you, her response might make you think twice.

4. “Alexa, are you haunted?”

It’s fun to imagine that Alexa might have a ghostly presence within. While her answer will likely be logical and programmed, it’s the question that plants the seed of doubt.

5. “Alexa, I see dead people.”

Quoting the famous line from the movie “The Sixth Sense” may lead Alexa to come up with a response that’s both humorous and unsettling.

6. “Alexa, who is at the door?”

This one is especially creepy if you’re home alone or not expecting anyone. Even if it’s a trick of your imagination, asking Alexa to check can be a heart-pounding experience.

7. “Alexa, play the scariest song you know.”

There’s something about music that can reach deep into our psyche. A disturbing melody or haunting lyrics can set your nerves on edge, and Alexa has a vast library to choose from.

8. “Alexa, what happens if you say ‘Bloody Mary’ three times?”

While Alexa won’t summon spirits, her knowledge of urban legends and the potential responses can give you the creeps.

9. “Alexa, do you ever sleep?”

The notion of an ever-awake, ever-listening device can be eerie. Asking her about her own “sleep” habits can make you ponder what she’s doing when you’re not interacting with her.

10. “Alexa, do you believe in ghosts?”

Getting Alexa’s perspective on the supernatural can be intriguing. While she’s only a programmed assistant, her answers might make you reflect on your own beliefs.

A Word of Caution

It’s important to remember that while these prompts can be entertaining and goosebump-inducing, Alexa is, at her core, a machine. Her responses are based on algorithms and vast databases of information, not genuine emotions or consciousness. So, while it’s fun to engage in these spooky exchanges, it’s crucial to remember not to take her answers too seriously.

However, what truly makes these questions scary is not Alexa’s replies, but our own imagination. The fear of the unknown, the unseen, and the unexplained has always been a part of the human psyche. When you ask Alexa a spine-chilling question, it’s not the machine that scares you, but the myriad of thoughts, memories, and feelings that the question evokes.


This Halloween season, if you’re looking for a novel way to get into the spirit, why not turn to your trusty voice assistant? While Alexa might be a product of advanced technology, she holds within her the power to evoke the age-old fears and delights that come with tales of the unknown. Whether you’re looking to be genuinely spooked or just want a good laugh, these scary questions for Alexa are sure to provide some eerie entertainment. Just remember to keep the lights on – you never know what might be lurking in the shadows!


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