Does Burlington Take Apple Pay?

Does Burlington Take Apple Pay?

In today’s digital era, consumers increasingly prefer convenient and contactless payment methods, like Apple Pay, for their retail shopping. Apple Pay is a mobile payment solution that allows users to make purchases using an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac. As retailers adapt to these payment innovations, a common query among shoppers is whether a specific store accepts Apple Pay. One such retailer under this spotlight is Burlington, previously known as Burlington Coat Factory. So, does Burlington accept Apple Pay?

Understanding Apple Pay

Before delving into the specifics for Burlington, it’s important to understand what Apple Pay offers. Launched in 2014, Apple Pay was developed as a way to streamline the payment process by eliminating the need for physical credit or debit cards. Users can simply tap their device at a point-of-sale terminal that supports NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, making transactions fast and secure.

Burlington’s Payment Methods

Burlington, a nationally recognized off-price retailer offering high-quality and branded apparel at everyday low prices, is known to adapt and evolve to better serve its customer base. As of my last update in September 2021, Burlington stores did not widely advertise Apple Pay acceptance. However, payment method acceptance can change over time as retailers upgrade their point-of-sale systems and respond to consumer demand.

If you’re looking to use Apple Pay at Burlington, here are a few steps to consider:

  1. Check the Entrance or Cashier Area: Retailers who accept Apple Pay often display the Apple Pay logo or the universal contactless payment symbol near the entrance or at the cashier counter.
  2. Ask Store Associates: Burlington staff members will likely be aware of the current payment methods accepted in-store.
  3. Check Burlington’s Official Website or Customer Service: Retailers occasionally update their accepted payment methods on their official websites or through their customer service channels.
  4. Use Apple Maps: Apple Maps often lists businesses that accept Apple Pay. When searching for a location, an Apple Pay symbol will appear if that particular establishment accepts it.

The Growing Trend of Contactless Payments

Even if Burlington does not widely accept Apple Pay now, it’s worth noting that the trend is growing. With the advent of COVID-19, many businesses transitioned to contactless payment methods to reduce the risk of transmission, making touchless solutions like Apple Pay more commonplace.


To determine with certainty whether your local Burlington store accepts Apple Pay, it’s recommended to check directly with the store or the company’s official channels. The ever-evolving nature of retail and the increasing demand for contactless payment options suggest that more and more retailers, including possibly Burlington, will be inclined to adopt Apple Pay and similar technologies in the near future.

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