How much is Chegg a Month? (2023)

In today’s technologically-driven educational landscape, online learning platforms have become indispensable. Among these platforms, Chegg stands out as a popular choice for students and educators alike, providing a range of services to support academic achievement. A frequent question from those considering the platform is: How much is Chegg a month? This article will delve into the pricing of Chegg and the value it provides.

Chegg’s Monthly Subscription Cost

Chegg offers its users a monthly subscription service, and as of our last update, the cost of this service is $20 a month. This subscription fee provides access to a wide range of academic services that can assist students in their studies. It’s worth noting that while $20 is the standard monthly fee, Chegg occasionally offers promotional rates or discounted packages, especially for longer-term commitments or bundled services. Always check their official site or authorized vendors for the most current pricing.

Value Offered by Chegg for $20 a Month

For the monthly fee, subscribers get access to a plethora of educational resources:

  1. Textbook Solutions and Expert Q&A: This feature allows students to seek answers to their textbook problems and also ask questions outside their textbooks. Expert tutors provide detailed solutions, ensuring students grasp underlying concepts.
  2. Study Resources: Subscribers can access a wide range of study materials, including flashcards, practice problems, and step-by-step textbook solutions. This can be invaluable when preparing for exams or trying to understand challenging topics.
  3. Tutoring: While the basic subscription offers many services, there may be additional costs for one-on-one tutoring. However, the platform’s integration means that finding a tutor familiar with a particular textbook or topic is straightforward.
  4. E-Textbook Rentals: Chegg also has a library of e-textbooks available for rent. Though not always included in the basic subscription, these rentals can be an affordable alternative to buying expensive textbooks.

Is Chegg Worth the Monthly Fee?

Whether or not the $20 monthly fee for Chegg is worth it depends on individual needs. For students who frequently find themselves stuck on homework problems, need supplemental study materials, or are looking for a reliable source of academic support, Chegg can be invaluable. The breadth of resources available at one’s fingertips for a single monthly fee can lead to considerable savings in time and academic-related expenses.


Chegg, with its monthly subscription fee of $20, offers a range of academic services that cater to the diverse needs of students. From textbook solutions to expert Q&A and study resources, the platform provides valuable support to help students excel academically. Always remember to evaluate your academic needs and the value you’re getting to determine if the subscription is right for you.

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