Does Target Sell Stamps? (2023)

Navigating the wide aisles of Target, one can find an eclectic array of products, from home goods and electronics to groceries and clothing. But for those on the hunt for postage stamps, the question remains: Does Target sell stamps? Let’s dive into the topic.

Stamps at Target: The Basics

Yes, Target does sell postage stamps. They are typically sold at the checkout lanes or at the customer service desk. Most Target stores offer stamps in booklets, so if you’re looking to purchase a single stamp or a sheet, you might have to consider other alternatives.

Why Buy Stamps at Target?

  1. Convenience: If you’re already at Target picking up groceries or household items, it’s convenient to grab a booklet of stamps at the same time.
  2. Availability: Unlike specific postal offices which might have working hours, Target’s longer store hours provide flexibility for shoppers.
  3. No Extra Fee: Target sells stamps at face value, just like you would find at a post office.

What to Know Before You Go

  • Selection Might Vary: While you can generally find Forever stamps (which are good for standard first-class letters regardless of future price increases), the selection of themed or special edition stamps might be limited when compared to a post office.
  • Availability can differ by store: While most Target stores carry stamps, there might be instances where they are out of stock, especially during peak mailing seasons. It’s always a good idea to call ahead and check.
  • Purchasing Options: Remember, stamps at Target are often sold in booklets. If you need a specific number of stamps or prefer a sheet format, you might need to look elsewhere.

Other Alternatives

If you’re at Target and for some reason cannot find stamps or they’re out of stock, there are other retailers and places that often carry postage stamps:

  • Post Offices: The most obvious choice. You’ll find a wide selection of stamps, and services tailored specifically to postal needs.
  • Grocery Stores: Many grocery chains, apart from Target, offer stamps at the checkout counter.
  • Online: Websites like USPS, Amazon, and others offer the convenience of purchasing stamps online with a wide selection to choose from.
  • Banks and ATMs: Some banks sell booklets of stamps, and certain ATMs offer stamps for purchase.


To answer the query, “Does Target sell stamps?”: Yes, they do. So the next time you’re at Target, and you remember you’re running low on stamps, you can easily add a booklet to your cart. However, if you have specific stamp-related needs, it might be worth exploring other venues that offer a wider selection or more tailored postal services.

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