How much is Alexa at Walmart? (2023)

When inquiring about the price of “Alexa” at Walmart, most people are referring to the range of smart devices from Amazon, equipped with the voice assistant “Alexa”. These devices include the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, and other variations. The price of these devices can vary based on model, features, and any ongoing promotions or sales. I cannot provide real-time prices, but I can offer some general insights.

Factors Affecting the Price:

  1. Device Model: Amazon has released several versions of the Echo and other Alexa-enabled devices. For instance, an Echo Dot, which is a smaller and simpler device, usually costs less than an Echo Show that comes with a display.
  2. Editions & Features: Some versions come with enhancements like better sound quality, a built-in hub, or a visual display. These features can influence the price.
  3. Sales & Promotions: Both Amazon and Walmart often have sales on these devices, especially during holiday seasons, Prime Day, Black Friday, and other special occasions.
  4. Bundles: Sometimes, Alexa devices are bundled with other smart home gadgets, such as smart plugs or light bulbs, which can alter the price.

Average Price Range:

  1. Amazon Echo Dot: This compact speaker is one of the most affordable in the range, often priced between $30 to $50, though prices can dip even lower during sales.
  2. Amazon Echo: A standard Echo speaker offers improved sound and can range from $70 to $100.
  3. Echo Show: With its display screen, prices for the Echo Show can vary based on screen size. The 5-inch might be priced around $80 to $90, the 8-inch around $100 to $130, and the Echo Show 10 could go for $200 to $250.
  4. Other Devices: There are other Alexa-enabled gadgets, like the Echo Studio, Echo Flex, and Echo Auto, each with its price range based on its unique features.

How to Get the Current Price:

For the most accurate and current pricing information, you should:

  1. Visit Walmart’s Official Website: Use their search feature to find the specific Alexa device you’re interested in. This will give you the current listing price.
  2. Visit a Local Walmart Store: Prices in-store might sometimes differ from online prices, so it could be beneficial to check both.
  3. Use Price Comparison Tools: There are several online platforms that allow you to compare prices across different retailers.
  4. Check for Online Reviews and Unboxings: Many tech reviewers on platforms like YouTube often mention the current prices and possible deals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a basic Alexa cost?

As of my last update in September 2021, the cost of basic Alexa-enabled devices like the Echo Dot started at around $49.99, though prices could vary based on sales, promotions, or newer models released.

Which is the cheapest Alexa?

The cheapest Alexa-enabled device is typically the Amazon Echo Dot. However, specific prices and models may change over time, and there might be newer devices or discounts available.

What’s the difference between Alexa and echo?

“Alexa” refers to Amazon’s voice-controlled virtual assistant, whereas “Echo” refers to the series of smart speakers and devices that use Alexa. In essence, Alexa is the software or virtual assistant, and Echo is the hardware that houses it.

In conclusion, while the price of Alexa devices at Walmart can vary based on several factors, a little research can ensure that you get the best deal available. Always keep an eye out for promotions and special offers to maximize your savings.

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