How to Control F on iPad? (2023)

The iPad, Apple’s iconic tablet, has become an essential tool for many in both personal and professional realms. One of the most helpful features of the iPad, similar to what’s found in desktop computers and laptops, is the “Find” function. This feature allows users to search for specific text within a webpage, document, or other forms of content. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to effectively control the “Find” function on your iPad.

1. Using “Find” in Safari

When you’re browsing the web with Safari, it’s quite easy to search for specific text within a webpage:

  1. Open Safari and navigate to the desired webpage.
  2. Tap on the Share button: This is the icon that looks like a square with an arrow pointing out of it, typically found at the top or bottom of your screen.
  3. In the dropdown menu that appears, tap “Find on Page” (sometimes represented as a magnifying glass).
  4. Enter the word or phrase you’re looking for.
  5. Safari will highlight all instances of your search term on the page. You can navigate through each occurrence using the arrows provided.

2. Using “Find” in Apple’s Native Apps

Many of Apple’s native apps, like Notes and Mail, have the “Find” function built-in.

  1. Open the desired app.
  2. Pull down slightly from the middle of the screen. This will reveal a search bar at the top.
  3. Enter your search term in the search bar.
  4. The app will then display all instances of your search term, and you can navigate to each one as needed.

3. Using “Find” in iBooks or Apple Books

If you’re reading a book or PDF in Apple Books, the “Find” feature can be particularly helpful.

  1. Open your book or PDF in Apple Books.
  2. Tap on the magnifying glass icon, usually found at the top of the screen.
  3. Enter your search term.
  4. All instances of your term will be listed, and you can jump to the relevant section by tapping on an instance.

4. Utilizing External Keyboards

If you have connected an external keyboard to your iPad, you can use the familiar “Cmd + F” (or “Ctrl + F” on non-Apple keyboards) shortcut:

  1. Press “Cmd + F” (or “Ctrl + F”).
  2. A search box will appear where you can type in your search term.
  3. Navigate through the results using the arrow keys or by tapping on the screen.


The “Find” function is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance your iPad experience. Whether you’re a student researching for a project, a professional reviewing a lengthy document, or just someone trying to find a specific piece of information on a website, the ability to quickly search and locate text is invaluable. Now that you’re familiar with how to control the “Find” function on an iPad, you’ll be navigating and searching through content with increased efficiency and ease.

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