How to block twitch ads? (2023)

Twitch, a popular live streaming platform for gamers and various content creators, is renowned for its community engagement and real-time streaming. Like many online platforms, Twitch monetizes its content through advertisements. Some viewers find these ads disruptive and seek methods to block them. This article will discuss various methods for blocking Twitch ads.

Twitch Turbo

Before diving into third-party solutions, it’s worth noting that Twitch offers a native solution to avoid ads. By subscribing to Twitch Turbo, you not only support the platform but also enjoy an ad-free viewing experience across all channels.


  • Supports the platform and streamers.
  • Provides a seamless, ad-free experience without relying on third-party tools.


  • Monthly subscription fee.

Ad Blockers

There are several browser extensions designed to block ads on the internet, and they can be effective on Twitch as well.

a. uBlock Origin: This free and open-source browser extension is available for many browsers, including Chrome and Firefox. It’s effective in blocking ads and trackers.

b. AdBlock Plus: Another popular ad-blocking extension, AdBlock Plus, can help you avoid ads on Twitch and many other websites.


  • Free to use.
  • Can block ads on various websites, not just Twitch.


  • Some Twitch features might not work properly.
  • Streamers might not get revenue from ads, which can affect their income.

Alternative Players

There are third-party applications and tools designed to play Twitch streams without launching the main website, which can help in avoiding ads.

a. Streamlink: This command-line utility can pipe Twitch streams directly into video players like VLC, bypassing ads.

b. T-Player: A dedicated player for Twitch streams which often bypasses the typical ad-serving mechanisms.


  • Potentially better streaming performance.
  • Avoids browser altogether.


  • Might have a steeper learning curve for non-tech-savvy users.
  • May not support all Twitch features.

Browser-Based Workarounds

Some viewers have found that popping out the video player or switching to a stream’s ‘Audio Only’ mode and then switching back can sometimes bypass ads. However, these methods aren’t consistently effective.


  • Quick and doesn’t require third-party tools.


  • Inconsistent results.
  • Can disrupt the viewing experience.


While ads can be disruptive, it’s essential to understand that they play a crucial role in supporting free platforms like Twitch and providing revenue to streamers. Before deciding to block ads, consider the implications it might have on the content creators you enjoy watching. If you opt for an ad-free experience, there are various methods available, each with its pros and cons. Always choose the one that aligns with your ethics and tech-savviness.

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